ATCA is more than simple accountancy and tax calculation. We proactively advise on any tax matter concerning your enterprise in any of our working languages – French, English, Italian and Polish. We know how to simplify complex issues in accounting, tax and legal matters and provide you with a timely and constructive solution and explanation. We advise on how to increase revenue, or save costs, optimize taxes and limit the fiscal risk. Untangle your taxes with Beyond!

Within the scope of our tax services offer you will find:

Calculation of tax liabilities:

  • income tax,
  • VAT,
  • customs duty,
  • excise and other,
  • depending on your needs;
  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Consulting aiming at tax optimization;
  • Consulting regarding proper documentation and tax settlements;
  • Representation at tax office and other regulatory bodies;
  • Consulting concerning the impact of changes in tax regulations.
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